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Programs & Incentives

What is the Industrial Conservative Initiative (ICI) Program?

The Industrial Conservative Initiative (ICI) program is a demand-response incentive program from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) of Ontario. Its purpose is to provide financial incentives for large electricity consumers to shift their consumption to off-peak hours, reducing demand on the energy grid. You can find details on the ICI program here.

What is Global Adjustment (GA)?

The global adjustment fee is a line item on your energy bill that is dependent on your Peak Demand Factor. Class A customers have the flexibility to lower this fee by lowering their Peak Demand Factor, while Class B customers pay a set rate. Learn more about Global Adjustment in our blog.

What are Class A and Class B Customers?

Class A customers are customers that participate in the ICI program. There are specific requirements to become eligible as a Class A customer outlined here. For more information and assistance in becoming a Class A customer, reach out to us!

What is Peak Demand Factor (PDF)?

Your Peak Demand Factor is your percentage of consumption during the top 5 peak hours of your base period (May 1 – Apr 30). This is calculated by adding your total consumption during the top 5 peaks and dividing by the total system-wide consumption. This PDF is then used to calculated your Global Adjustment charge on your energy bill. By lowering your PDF (curtailing during peaks), you can decrease the GA charge. Click here for a more detailed explanation of Peak Demand Factor.

What is Demand Response (DR)?

Demand Response is an incentive program for energy consumers to curtail their demand during times of high stress on the grid. Demand Response customers get paid a recurring fee for being on standby to curtail their load. As a DR aggregator Edgecom Energy can simplify your participation and help you earn up to $60,000/MW/Year. For more information, read our blog on Demand Response.

What is Capacity Auction?

Capacity Auction is the name for Ontario’s Demand Response program.

What are Distributed Energy Resources (DER)?

Distributed Energy Resources are small-scale energy resources used for electricity generation, control, and storage. DERs include technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, generators, battery storage systems, and more. DERs provide customers with control of their own energy resource, can lower the cost of their electricity bill, and enable customers to take full advantage of incentive programs.


What is pTrack®

pTrack® is Edgecom Energy’s peak prediction solution. Powered by AI and cutting-edge data science, pTrack® delivers the highest accuracy with the fewest curtailment calls. By knowing ahead of time when a peak will occur, you can plan curtailment, minimize disruption to your productions, and still reap the benefits of the ICI program.

What is dataTrack™

dataTrack™ is a real-time dashboard for monitoring energy, water, and gas usage. Gain instant access to all your facility’s data, costs, insights, and more, all in one place. Whether you leverage Edgecom Energy’s plug-and-play IoT hardware, or integrate with existing systems through our open API, dataTrack™ will seamlessly integrate into your operations.

What is NeuraCharge

NeuraCharge is an AI-powered Distributed Energy Resource (DER) optimization software that can efficiently and automatically control Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). NeuraCharge will manage the storage and discharge of energy for BESS to ensure efficient utilization, reduce wastage, optimize battery life, and maximize revenue streams.

What is a Demand Response Aggregator?

A Demand Response Aggregator is a company that helps lower capacity consumers pool their load and participate in the Demand Response program. As a DR aggregator, Edgecom Energy removes all the administrative complexities and reporting from customers, and ensures you get the most out of your DR revenue.

What is AI Energy CoPilot?

AI Energy CoPilot is a generative AI assistant that represents the future of energy management. It provides proactive and intelligent insights based on your facility’s real-time data and offers a comprehensive and real-time overview of energy consumption patterns, energy costs, and operational efficiency.

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