Discover dataTrack™ by Edgecom Energy, a cutting-edge platform for real-time energy and cost data. Leverage IoT and AI for enhanced operational efficiency, visibility, and cost savings.

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Discover dataTrack™ by Edgecom Energy, a cutting-edge platform for real-time energy and cost data. Leverage IoT and AI for enhanced operational efficiency, visibility, and cost savings.

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Demystify Your Path Towards a
Smart Facility

Industry 4.0 might sound complicated, but we’re here to make it simple. dataTrack utilizes the best IoT to provide real-time energy data to help you make the most informed decisions for your operations. Reduce costs, machine downtime, and increase your production yield.

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aggregate your data

Let Data Improve the
Way You Work

Real-time energy data, costs, and machine status reports all in one place.

Real-time Access

Real-time data has never been easier. Instant, accessible, and accurate data makes decision making and reporting a breeze. 

Sensor Groups

Create virtual production lines or sensor groups and see all your energy data related to that group at a glance.

Monitor & Target

Set personalized alarms so you can be aware of potential issues and leaks before they go wrong, not when you have to clean up the mess.

actionable insights

Energy Data to
Energy Insights

We transform the energy data you collect into intelligent and actionable insights. Get even more out of your data by generating targeted reports or leverage our AI Energy CoPilot to analyze and report on specific data. Whether you’re preparing an ESG report or keeping stakeholders up to date, dataTrack™ has got you covered.

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Accuracy & Precision

Minimize data entry and estimation with dataTrack™ devices. With accurate and precise real-time data on energy consumption, streamline your internal and ESG reporting.

Measurement & Verification

Prioritize your retrofits and improve your efficiency faster. Significantly reduce your M&V and get more savings in energy costs and rebates.

Insights & Margins

Achieve your financial goals faster with actionable insights to help you reduce energy costs, increase production uptime, and accelerate your margins.

full visibility

Resources Managed

Real-time consumption and cost data for all your resources. Monitor, manage, and verify with accurate data.


Monitor your power consumption down to the asset-level, identify abnormalities, and plan ahead for curtailment events.


Monitor your water consumption, stay on top of leakage events with real-time alerts, and discover saving opportunities.


Monitor your gas consumption, detect abnormalities, and discover savings opportunities.

Get smarter

How It All Works

DataTrack™ streamlines your reporting and decision-making process by delivering automated, precise, and real-time data, ensuring simplicity and transparency in every report. It’s the first step towards a smarter facility.

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Scalable With You

Whether you want to optimize a single production line or an entire production floor, we can find the right solution for your facility.

Plug and Play

Truly wireless with the latest innovations in Industrial IoT and security. No need for IT, training, or local network connections.

Scalable Both Ways

Full compatibility APIs for your industrial automation systems, and can pair with your own industrial IoT sensors.

ESG Data Automation

dataTrack™ can be integrated with ESG reporting software to automate data collection and reporting processes, saving time and resources.

Trusted By Top Canadian Organizations

Case Study

Bock North America Saves Over $100K in Energy Costs with dataTrack™ and pTrack®

Bock North America, a leading company in the industrial sector, revolutionizes their energy management approach with dataTrack™ and pTrack® solutions from Edgecom Energy.

Lora enabled iot

Industrial IoT Hardware

Works right out of the box, installs in minutes. No WiFi, No Wires.

Your Gateway to a Smarter Facility

LoRa Hub

The LoRa Hub is a crucial component of IoT networks, offering long-range wireless connectivity through the energy-efficient LoRaWAN protocol. It efficiently collects data from diverse LoRa-enabled devices, from remote sensors to utility meters, and is designed for resilience in various environments. With bidirectional communication capabilities, it can relay commands and updates, and its easy integration design makes it versatile for expanding or creating IoT systems.

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Real-Time Consumption Monitoring

Pulse Counter

A pulse counter serves as a specialized electronic device engineered to count and record pulses generated by various types of sensors and instruments. These could range from flow meters to electrical consumption sensors. The primary advantage of using a pulse counter lies in its ability to provide accurate, real-time data that is invaluable for both monitoring and control applications within a facility.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

CT Meter

The primary role of these CTs is to detect and quantify the current flowing through a device. By doing so, they can offer invaluable insights into the device’s power consumption, operational health, and efficiency. Once the CT detects the current, it transforms this data into a format that can be safely and conveniently sent back to a centralized system, referred to as the “gateway” in this context. The gateway acts as a hub, collecting data from multiple CTs or other sensors.
ct meter

Enabling Industrial Compatibility

Modbus Converter

The Modbus Converter acts as a bridge between traditional industrial devices and modern communication networks. Wired Modbus signals are translated and mapped into wireless LoRa signals, enabling older wired devices that support Modbus RS485 interfaces to leverage the long-range capabilities of LoRa, ensuring compatibility with our servers.

ROI Calculator

Find Out How Much You Could Save

Savings estimates can greatly vary between each facility as there are a large number of factors affecting energy operations. For a more accurate estimate contact us!


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