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Edgecom Energy provides a suite of comprehensive energy management tools. Whether you’re looking for synergies in data management or expertise in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), you can rely on Edgecom Energy to meet your business goals.

AI Energy CoPilot

Our AI-powered energy manager assistant is poised to redefine the role of facility managers and owners.

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Fulfill your production potential with real-time energy data, costs, and machine status reports all in one place.

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Say goodbye to guesswork, missed peaks, and too many curtailments. Hit 100% of peaks while averaging 9 or fewer curtailment calls using our prediction service.

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Our AI-powered battery energy storage system (BESS) operator optimizes energy storage assets of different sizes, types, and usages.

NeuraCharge Portal

Demand Response

Increase your Demand Response revenue and simplify your participation in the Capacity Auction Program. 

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Partner Segments

Explore our diverse partnership segments and find the perfect fit for your business.

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Together we can provide comprehensive solutions to clients, offering strategic guidance and actionable insights. 

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Energy & Utilities

Join Edgecom Energy in revolutionizing the energy and utilities sector. Get access to cutting-edge technologies and integration expertise.

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Technology Provider

Forge complete end-to-end solutions with tech synergies and integrations with our energy management platform.

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Industrial Services

Transform your industrial projects with tailored energy management solutions.

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Here are just some of the benefits of a partnership with Edgecom Energy.

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Here are just some of the benefits of a partnership with Edgecom Energy.

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