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The Next Generation of Energy Management

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The Future of Energy Management is Here

The AI Energy CoPilot is the future of energy management. It uses advanced tech for a personal assistant, providing quick insights into energy usage and machine health. This AI technology speeds up decision-making and promotes proactive actions, making it an indispensable tool for facility operations.


Maximize Efficiency & Innovation

Save Valuable Time

AI Energy CoPilot streamlines energy management, automating tasks, ensuring efficiency, saving time, letting you prioritize crucial responsibilities, enhancing productivity seamlessly.

Reduce Energy Costs

AI Energy CoPilot excels at trend analysis, anomaly detection, and proposing energy-saving tactics, enhancing sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Reduce Emissions

By optimizing energy use, AI Energy CoPilot curtails emissions, ensuring environmental compliance, cost savings, and enhanced corporate responsibility for companies.

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get smarter

Proactive, Intelligent Insights.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Query information on consumption insights, costs, ranges, and comparative analysis effortlessly. Save time on data analysis as the AI CoPilot handles these tasks for you.

Transform Into a Smart Facility

Don’t fall behind in the energy transition. With the help of our IoT devices and API capabilities, nad  the AI Energy CoPilot, you can transform your traditional facility into a smart one. 

Smart APIs

The AI Energy CoPilot integrates with APIs, allowing it to gather real-time energy consumption data from various sources. This integration enables precise monitoring, analysis, and optimization of energy usage, facilitating data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs for businesses and organizations.

Custom Recommendations

Get recommendations tailored to your specific facilities taking into account factors like location, equipment, and usage patterns.

Democratize Facility Data

Natural language interfaces democratize data access, making information available to all stakeholders regardless of their expertise, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.

Ask the AI Energy CoPilot

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Give me a brief summary of my energy consumption this month.


Your overall energy consumption so far this month is 570.09 kWh. The highest energy consumer is your Boiler which consumed 250.38 kWh this month, which is 7% above the normal range. Your monthly overall energy consumption is average in comparison to previous months.

What Else Can I Ask the Energy CoPilot?

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Faster data, faster decisions, faster revenue. Highly scalable asset and energy management platform enabling monitoring and targeting for large energy consumers.

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Demand Response

Ontario consumers can generate income by reducing demand and aiding the grid during peak stress periods, requiring occasional load curtailment.

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Say goodbye to guesswork, missed peaks, and too many curtailments. Hit 100% of peaks while averaging 9 or fewer curtailment calls using our prediction service.

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