Fewer curtailments, more savings

pTrack® - Peak Tracker & Real-Time Energy Grid Analytics

If you’re in the ICI or Demand Response in Ontario, we called 100% of peaks in the provincial grid with the fewest curtailment calls, so you can have peace of mind during peaks. 

Peace of Mind
Not Peaks on Your Mind

Bid farewell to uncertainty, avoid missed peaks and the hassle of excessive curtailments. We’ll help you hit of 100% peaks, all while keeping curtailment calls to a mere 9 or less with our cutting-edge AI predictive service.

Prepare For Your Future

Whether you’re participating in the IESO’s ICI program or Capacity Auction, we’ll help you plan ahead and optimize your returns. 

AI-powered, before it was cool

pTrack® algorithms have improved over the years at predicting peaks and providing more insights and data to our customers, and will only continue to get better.

Price is Right

No more anxiously guessing for weeks before your energy bills arrive. Make peace with your finance department through accurate estimates of your consumption costs provided beforehand.

Everything in One Portal

Avoid headaches around scattered data and keep everything in one place. Whether it’s ICI peaks or preparing for Demand Response, we’ve got you covered.

We Never Miss

We have a 100% prediction rate for Ontario peaks since we started in 2016, and we intend to keep it that way. 

Maximize Revenue

Maximize your revenue and minimize your opportunity costs. Gain the foresight you need to manage your facility.

Advanced Notice

Between 12-day outlooks and hours of advanced notice, you’ll have plenty of time to adjust to any potential peaks.

Real-time Pricing

Live pricing available in both HOEP and Hourly Ontario Energy Price, so you know what you’re saving in real time.

real-time visibility

No Guessing Games

Gain visibility into your facilities no matter where you are and make the better decisions based on comprehensive data.

Real-time Cost Savings on the Portal

We removed the manual calculations so you can spend time away from Excel

Accessible Anywhere

Log into the portal from anywhere at anytime, now including our iOS app.

Customizable Notifications

Choose how you find out about ICI peaks. Weeks or days before, or the day of potential peaks.

Plan Weeks or Months Ahead

Unsure about what to curtail or how much? We can help find opportunities from your entire facility down to the individual machine level.

Live Grid Demand Data and HOEP

Constant updates of pTrack® Forecasts, IESO Forecast Demand, and Hourly Ontario Energy Pricing, so you can make the most timely decisions.

All-In-One Management

Navigating the ICI and DR program can be difficult, so we’re with you every step of the way. 

Curtailment Action Plans

We’ll help you figure out what you can curtail and by how much, maximizing your revenue.

Customizable Peak Actions

No two facilities are the same, between rebound peaks and curtailment window durations, we’ll help make the hard decisions easier.

Granular Foundation

pTrack® also provides the foundation for industrial IoT asset monitoring, so you can see your curtailments in real-time, from the facility level down to each machine.

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Find Out How Much You Could Save

ICI savings are based on data from the previous year. The results are estimates, and actual savings will slightly differ depending on this year’s GA Cost Pool and Energy Demand. For a more accurate estimate contact us!

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