The most accurate coincident peak predictions with real-time energy price predictions, powered by AI-algorithms to ensure you will never miss a peak event. 

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Peace of Mind Not
Peaks On Your Mind

No more risks, no more frustrations. Say goodbye to guesswork, missed peaks, and too many curtailments. Hit 100% of peaks while averaging 9 or fewer curtailment calls using our prediction service. 


Why pTrack®?

Discover the power of pTrack® – your intelligent solution for effective curtailment. Unlock previously inaccessible energy data, boost your revenue potential, proactively plan your curtailments, and wave goodbye to tedious manual tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Maximize Revenue

Maximize your revenue and minimize your opportunity costs. Gain the foresight you need to manage your facility.

Advanced Notice

Between 12-day outlooks and hours of advanced notice, you’ll have plenty of time to adjust to any potential peaks.

Eliminate Manual Work

Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual tracking and get our weekly summary and prediction reports.

real-Time visibility

No Guessing Games

Gain visibility into your facilities no matter where you are and make the better decisions based on comprehensive data.

IoT Hardware

Industrial IoT hardware provided at no additional cost. Serves as the foundation towards a smarter facility.

Accessible Anywhere

Gain access to your peak data from anywhere at anytime, now available on iOS app.

Customizable Notifications

Customize your peak alerts and only get the ones that matter to you. 

Peak Forecasts

Access 14-day peak forecasts to strategically plan your curtailment and mitigate its impact on your production process.

Live Grid Demand Data

Constant updates of pTrack® Forecasts, Forecast Demand, and Grid Pricing, so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Weekly Reports

Receive a weekly summary and predictive peak events report


Available in these Markets


pTrack® Alberta

Discover the cutting-edge technology behind our groundbreaking service, proudly leading the way as Alberta’s first AI-powered peak prediction solution. pTrack® Alberta boasts a 100% prediction rate for all 12 annual coincident peaks. Experience the future of peak prediction with us.


pTrack® Ontario

Experience the pinnacle of peak prediction in Ontario, setting the standard as Ontario’s foremost AI-powered peak prediction solution. Reliably forecast 100% of the annual top 5 coincident peaks with the lowest number of curtailment calls. pTrack® Ontario eliminates guesswork and provides you with peace of mind.


Loved by Our Customers

Taylor Stanley

Taylor Stanley

Impact Strategy Manager

The partnership we found with Edgecom and the solution we found with pTrack® was exactly what we were looking for.

Jake Neufeld

Jake Neufeld


Edgecom has been accurate right from the start. It gave us great comfort being able to see on the dashboard these projected peaks coming in.

Brandon Hastie

Brandon Hastie

Industrial Engineer

The amount of savings that we've had this year, we're on track to over $100,000 to $120,000 in energy savings this year.


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