NeuraCharge is an AI-powered Distributed Energy Resource optimization software. NeuraCharge efficiently controls Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), reducing operating costs, improving revenue streams, and reducing risks.

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Optimizing with BESS Software

Address Energy Costs, Peak Demand, and Grid Capacity

Reduce energy expenses, manage electricity demand efficiently, and prevent strain on the electrical grid, leading to cost savings, revenue generation, and a more reliable power supply.

Save Time with Smart Energy Management

AI-driven BESS management streamlines operations by accurately forecasting energy demands, automating energy scheduling for peak demand or cost-efficient periods, and swiftly processing extensive data for actionable insights, reducing the need for last-minute adjustments and time-consuming data analysis.

Extended Battery Lifespan

By optimizing battery usage, it will prolong the lifespan of BESS components, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Ulitimatey reducing costs, enhancing sustainability, and ensuring consistent, reliable, and competitive energy storage operations.

Powerful with BESS Software

Monitor and Control BESS

NeuraCharge’s intuitive dashboard enables real-time monitoring of the system’s performance, including state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH), and power output. This data can be used to optimize the operation of the system, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency 

Optimized day-ahead hourly scheduling

Leverage NeuraCharge’s advanced software and algorithms to make informed decisions about when and how to charge and discharge the battery. This optimizes cost savings, revenue and battery life.

Set and Forget

Too busy to manage your own BESS? We can take it off your hands. NeuraCharge+ lets you focus on your business by automatically managing and dispatching energy for most optimized results in your facility.

Monitor Your Battery Assets for Success

Optimize your battery assets by keeping a close eye on critical parameters like factory capacity, energy availability, state of health, remaining lifespan, and temperature. Elevate your battery performance with vigilant monitoring.

Customizable Alerts

NeuraCharge’s comprehensive solution features a range of alerts, each designed to keep you informed and in control of your BESS operations. From critical alerts needing quick attention to cost-saving opportunities, operators access, acknowledge, and promptly resolve issues.

AI-Powered and Optimized Forecasts

Supercharge your BESS when paired with pTrack® peak prediction services. Edgecom Energy’s intelligent solution for effective curtailment.

How Does It Work?

How NeuraCharge Works


Data-Based Predictions

Our forecasts will give you the best idea of when to charge and dispatch your BESS, so you can make the most informed decisions.

Simplified Optimizations

Different BESS can be tricky to manage, that’s why we’ll let you know the optimizations for each part of your operations, and aggregate as needed.

All-In-One Platform

Whether you need to participate in peak management or demand response , we’ll bundle BESS together so you can see how much you’ll save in real-time.


Enhance Your Operations

We’ll take care of the charging and dispatching of your BESS so you can focus on what matters the most for your business. 

One Platform

Your data won’t be distributed like your energy resources. We’ll aggregate all the scattered datapoints so you can get what you need at a glance.   

Maximize Revenue

Our predictions take the grid’s demand and pricing into concern, as well as any potential Demand Response activations or Peaks, so you’ll never have to worry. 

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