Environmental, Social, and Governance

Unlock the Power of Energy Data for Seamless ESG Reporting

Streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting processes related to energy usage and sustainability initiatives.

Driving Sustainability Forward

ESG reporting is becoming more imperative than ever as we journey towards a sustainable future. Our cutting-edge energy management software equips you with the vital data needed to fulfill the environmental aspect of ESG commitments effortlessly.


Leverage energy management software to monitor and analyze energy consumption patterns to identify areas of inefficiency and implement strategies to track Scope II GHG emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. 


Energy management software promotes transparency and accountability in energy management practices. Measure efforts to minimize environmental impact and improve energy efficiency to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.


Energy management software provides tools for tracking performance metrics, setting targets, and monitoring progress toward sustainability objectives, facilitating better governance practices related to energy management and ESG reporting.

ESG Reporting

Reporting Simplified

Get instant access to all your consumption and emission data. Whether it’s one facility or multiple facilities scattered across North America, everything is all in one place. With AI Energy CoPilot integration, you’ll have customized CSV exports at your fingertips, just ask!

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dataTrack Resource Cards

All Your Data in One Place

All your energy and emissions data aggregated into one convenient portal.

Instantly Available

Don’t wait for your gas, water, and electricity bills across all your facilities to come in. All your data is available in real-time.

AI Insights

Get instant answers to your energy, cost, and emissions questions. AI Energy CoPilot provides analysis based on your facility data.

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ESG Reporting

Scope II Visibility

pTrack® provides you with transparency into your GHG emissions. Get instant feedback on your Scope II contributions right from our portal. At the end of the peak season we’ll provide you with a detailed ICI report so you can get insights on for your ESG reporting. 

Carbon Emissions Insight Card

ESG Reporting

ESG Insights

AI Energy CoPilot can provide you with emissions insights and comparative analysis. Show your stakeholders how your sustainability efforts are bearing fruit.


Reduce Consumption

A key factor in minimizing GHG is to curtail your consumption during periods of high demand. When the grid is stressed, Peaker Plants may be activated which means the energy you consume contributes to more Scope II Emissions.


Coincident Peak Prediction

pTrack® provides you with the most accurate peak predictions with the fewest calls. All the benefits of curtailment with minimal disruptions.

Demand Response

Capacity Auction Program

Maximize your demand response revenue while supporting the grid. With our Energy Bundle, Edgecom Energy gives you 100% of the DR payments.


BESS Management

NeuraCharge optimizes and automates your Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Take advantage of grid programs without disrupting operations.

Better Together.

Find out more about how Edgecom Energy can help you meet your sustainability goals.

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