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Empowering large energy consumers to reduce energy usage, costs & emissions through IoT and AI solutions.

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Energy data and insights are crucial for Energy Managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of energy costs and to make informed decisions that optimize energy consumption.

Edgecom Energy is at the forefront of the market with an unparalleled, integrated energy management software platform. By harnessing AI and IoT, we provide seamless control and previously unattainable data insights. Our holistic approach empowers customers to make smarter operational decisions that limit energy waste, reduce energy costs and shrink their carbon footprint. 


All-In-One Energy Management Platform

Monitor energy consumption and real-time market data to gain insights into how to make informed, sustainable energy decisions, uncover savings, and reduce emissions across all your facilities.

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Explore Our Energy Management Suite

Energy Solutions for High Energy Consumers.

AI Energy CoPilot

Our AI-powered energy manager assistant is poised to redefine the role of facility managers and owners.

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Fulfill your production potential with real-time energy data, costs, and machine status reports all in one place.

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Say goodbye to guesswork, missed peaks, and too many curtailments. Hit 100% of peaks while averaging 9 or fewer curtailment calls using our prediction service.

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Our AI-powered battery energy storage system (BESS) operator optimizes energy storage assets of different sizes, types, and usages.

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Demand Response

Increase your Demand Response revenue and simplify your participation in the Capacity Auction Program. 

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Loved by Our Customers

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Taylor Stanley

Taylor Stanley

Impact Strategy Manager

The partnership we found with Edgecom and the solution we found with pTrack® was exactly what we were looking for.


Jake Neufeld

Jake Neufeld


Edgecom has been accurate right from the start. It gave us great comfort being able to see on the dashboard these projected peaks coming in.

Brandon Hastie

Brandon Hastie

Industrial Engineer

The amount of savings that we've had this year, we're on track to over $100,000 to $120,000 in energy savings this year.


Explore Our Building Solutions

For Builders and Developers.


Full service utility sub-metering solution for commercial, residential, and mixed-use units, with full visibility into energy consumption.
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Building Energy Modeling

Energy modeling, simulations, and consultancy for building code compliance and optimization of designs for energy efficiency.
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Comprehensive Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking Solution for large buildings.

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Better Energy Visibility Management Decisions

As the old saying goes: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Energy consumption data is no different. Let us help you identify utility waste and optimize energy usage across your facilities.
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Introducing the Energy Bundle.

All your energy management needs together at last. Get access to the most advanced monitoring, predictions, and insights for one price. 

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AI Energy CoPilot is Launching Soon

Join our Webinar to learn more about our ultimate solution for efficient and smart energy management.

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