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Empowering large energy consumers to achieve real-time data visibility and AI-driven insights to reduce energy usage, costs, and emissions.

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Energy data insights are crucial for Energy Managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of energy costs and to make informed decisions that optimize energy consumption. Edgecom Energy utilizes AI and IoT for seamless control and advanced data insights.


Energy Management Solutions

Edgecom Energy offers a comprehensive suite of energy management solutions from real-time monitoring to AI analytics, we’ve got the answer for you.

Discover dataTrack™ by Edgecom Energy, a cutting-edge platform for real-time energy and cost data. Leverage IoT and AI for enhanced operational efficiency, visibility, and cost savings.
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AI Energy CoPilot
Proactive and intelligent energy insights based on your facility’s data. Providing you with instant answers to your energy and efficiency questions. AI Energy CoPilot is the next generation of energy management.
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The most accurate peak tracking and coincident peak predictions, with real-time energy grid analytics, are powered by AI algorithms to ensure you will never miss a peak event.
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BESS Battery

Your all-in-one DER optimization and management software. AI-optimized market participation, granular asset visibility, and full asset automation make managing your DERs a breeze.

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Demand Response

Get paid to support the grid. Participate in demand response programs with Edgecom Energy as your aggregator to get the most out of your demand response revenue.

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ESG Reporting

Streamline Your ESG Reporting

Our energy solutions can help streamline your ESG reporting with data aggregation, AI insights, Scope II visibility, and more.

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Taylor Stanley

Taylor Stanley

Impact Strategy Manager

The partnership we found with Edgecom and the solution we found with pTrack® was exactly what we were looking for.


Jake Neufeld

Jake Neufeld


Edgecom has been accurate right from the start. It gave us great comfort being able to see on the dashboard these projected peaks coming in.

Brandon Hastie

Brandon Hastie

Industrial Engineer

The amount of savings that we've had this year, we're on track to over $100,000 to $120,000 in energy savings this year.

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Introducing the Energy Bundle.

All your energy management needs together at last. Get access to the most advanced monitoring, predictions, and insights for one price. 

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AI Energy CoPilot is Launching Soon

Join our Webinar to learn more about our ultimate solution for efficient and smart energy management.

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Renewable Energy

Save 50% On Your Next Energy Efficiency Project

Learn more about Canada's Industrial Facility track.

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Save up to 50% On Your Energy Efficiency Project!

The Industrial Facility track covers up to 50% of eligible costs for your next energy efficiency project. Deadline is August 30!

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