Technical Feasibility Assessment

The objective of this assessment is to evaluate which of our devices are most compatible with your existing infrastructure and to identify tasks that may require additional assistance from either: our technical team, engineers, or your utility provider. If you have technical personnel on site we would strongly recommend you consult with them or they be the person to fill this out.


Learn about KYZ

Download our KYZ 101 explainer document and learn about how KYZ works and why its needed.


Unsure of CT Sizing?

You can find your machine’s electrical data on the asset’s Nameplate. There should be a metal plate or sticker located somewhere on your asset. Here are a few examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are There Different CT Sizes?

Each Current Transformer (CT) is designed with a precise current measurement range. To ensure accurate data capture, it’s crucial to select a CT Meter that matches your device’s current range. If your device operates outside the CT’s specified range, it won’t detect any data. Choose the right CT Meter for optimal accuracy in your readings.

What CT Sizes does Edgecom Energy Offer?

Edgecom Energy currently offers CT Meters in three sizes: 75A, 250A, 630A, 1000A, and 3000A.

What is the Current Measurement Range for each CT?

CT 75A: 100 mA to 75A

CT 250A: 1 A to 250 A

CT 650A: 10A to 630 A

CT 1000A: 10A to 1000 A

CT 3000A: 150A to 3000 A

Where can I find Technical Specifications for the CT Meter?

You download the full technical specifications for our CT Meter here.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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