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Riverside Natural Foods saves time and money with pTrack® and dataTrack™

Riverside Natural Foods, facing challenges from rapid growth, partnered with Edgecom Energy. Edgecom’s solutions provided real-time resource data, streamlined energy management, and introduced a power conditioning unit, resulting in enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and a transition to a Class A facility. The collaboration facilitated environmental monitoring and participation in the Industrial Curtailment Initiative.

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Transitioned from Class B to Class A customer with the ICI Program

Efficient Data Management with pTrack® and dataTrack™

Reduced production downtime with Power Conditioning


Riverside Natural Foods experienced rapid growth, leading to practical and environmental challenges. Managing resource consumption, including electricity, natural gas, and water, across multiple facilities in different locations became a critical concern. The traditional cycle of waiting for utility bills hindered real-time decision-making, prompting the need for a more efficient solution. With increased automation in production, Riverside also faced issues such as power failures and downtime. 


Riverside Natural Foods partnered with Edgecom Energy to address their challenges. The pTrack® and dataTrack™ solutions provided real-time data on resource consumption, enabling the company to make informed decisions promptly. Edgecom Energy was crucial in guiding Riverside Natural Foods through the complexities of Ontario’s energy management programs. They provided insights into risks, benefits, and potential improvements in energy efficiency. The partnership alleviated the burden of navigating utility relationships and provided a fresh perspective on leveraging those relationships to enhance business productivity and reduce environmental impact. Edgecom introduced a power conditioning unit to harmonize electricity, reducing production downtime and minimizing the volatility of electricity. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also resulted in cost savings. Edgecom’s IoT devices implemented real-time resource monitoring devices seamlessly. The plug-and-play nature of the solution meant that Riverside could immediately access the platform and monitor previously unavailable data. Edgecom’s solution assured Riverside Natural Foods no risks to their network services. This was crucial as the company grew, facing increased security concerns and infrastructure complexities. The platform’s ability to aggregate data across multiple resources and municipalities provided a comprehensive overview without compromising security.


The partnership with Edgecom enabled Riverside to achieve cost savings, enhance operational efficiency, and help meet sustainability goals.

Operational Upgrade:
Riverside successfully transitioned from a Class B to a Class A facility, showcasing the effectiveness of the partnership with Edgecom in achieving higher operational standards.

Efficient Data Management:
Consolidating data from diverse utilities into a unified platform saved Riverside considerable time and effort, streamlining its resource management processes.

Enhanced Environmental Impact Management: 
Real-time data significantly improved environmental monitoring, enabling better curtailment assessments. Edgecom’s sTrack module empowered Impact Strategy Manager, Taylor Stanley, to fulfill environmental responsibilities effectively.

Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency:
Installing a power conditioning unit led to additional cost savings and improved operational efficiency, reflecting the positive impact of the collaboration with Edgecom Energy.

"Having Edgecom on our team gave us some more support and another perspective to educate us on how we can leverage these relationships to improve the efficiencies and productivity of our business as well as reduce our environmental impact."

Taylor Stanley, Impact Strategy Manager

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At Edgecom Energy, we empower large energy consumers to take control of their energy costs and reduce emissions by harnessing the power of IoT and AI solutions. Our innovative technology helps you optimize energy usage, save money, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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