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Save Thousands of Dollars a Month on Utility Bills with a Power Conditioning Solution

Power Factor Penalties on your hydro bill could be costing you thousands of dollars a month. A Power Conditioning device can eliminate these penalties and certain types of power interruptions.

Power Factor Penalties on your hydro bill could be costing you thousands of dollars a month. A Power Conditioning device can eliminate these penalties and eliminate certain types of power interruptions.

If you have these Power Factor Penalties on your bill you are paying unnecessary charges on a monthly basis.

Power Factor measures how efficiently electricity is used by your facilities’ electrical equipment. If Power Factor (PF) is less than 90%, you are typically paying thousands of dollars a month of penalties on your utility bill. Poor Power Factor doesn’t just affect your facility, it can leak onto the grid and cause problems for the electrical utility or even your neighbouring facilities. The Power Factor penalty is a deterrent set by the utility to motivate customers to improve their PF. This can be achieved through a Power Factor Correction Capacitor (PFCC) or a Power Conditioning Device.  


Understanding PF – think of beer.  

Using beer on tap as an analogy, Power Factor is the ratio of real power (the beer drank, in kW) to apparent power (the beer plus head, expressed as kVA). Power-factor correction equipment can stabilize the load – reduce the head on the beer (kVAr) – ensuring that charges apply only to the power that’s actually being used.

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What Causes Low Power Factor?

Low power factor is usually caused by inductive loads, such as:

  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • Arc welders
  • HVAC systems
  • Molding equipment
  • Presses
  • High-intensity discharge lighting

What is the Best Option to Fix Power Factor? Power Conditioning Device vs. PFCC.

Power conditioning devices provide operational benefits and cost savings through techniques such as voltage regulation, power factor correction, reduction of harmonic content, and elimination of electrical transients. Power Conditioning Devices are also eligible for SaveOnEnergy incentives. They also increase equipment lifetime by allowing devices to run more efficiently. This leads to reduced emissions by reducing energy consumption. Whereas a PFCC only eliminates the Power Factor Penalty on your utility bill.  

Edgecom Energy’s Power Conditioning Device can correct up to 11 electrical power problems:

  • Voltage & Current Imbalance Problems
  • Totally Eliminate High Harmonics Issues with our Active Harmonics Filter
  • Voltage Transients or Surge Problems with our new PowerSORB TVSS
  • Voltage fluctuations and Flickering
  • Mitigating in-Rush Currents
  • Overheated Transformer
  • Nuisance Tripping Breakers
  • Power Factor Penalty
  • High Electricity Bills Due to KVA/KVAR Charge
  • Waste on Maintenance Due to Poor Power Quality
  • Ride thru of utility auto fault re-closures  

Case Study: Edgecom Energy’s Power Conditioning Device Success Story

Power Factor penalty on their bills was thousands of dollars a month.  

Using a Power Conditioning Device from Edgecom Energy, the facility was able to eliminate this fee.

The Power Conditioning system provided ride-through for voltage sags which reduced the number of power interruptions. Power interruptions have gone from an average of eight per year, to zero in 2019.

The facility also experienced less maintenance down-time.  Significant Save on Energy rebates further shortened the payback of this investment.

Why choose Edgecom Energy for Power Conditioning?

At Edgecom Energy we believe in handling every aspect of energy management. Our approach is to help you Understand, Improve and Control your energy.

​Our licensed electricians and energy monitoring experts will handle the project from beginning to end. We will also complete all SaveOnEnergy incentive applications. When signing up for Power Conditioning with Edgecom Energy you will receive full access to our Energy Meter and Portal to log your power quality and manage your energy consumption. Understand how much energy you’re consuming and how you can save emissions, costs and energy.

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