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Portal Upgrades and Important Dates for 2023’s Peak Season

As the first quarter of the year is wrapping up, peak season is getting closer. Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ve been doing, what we’re working on, and also when you’ll need to prepare for Q2.

We are excited to announce some new features to our pTrack and dataTrack on the Energy Management Portal. These new features are designed to provide you with even more data and insight to improve your energy operations.

pTrack – Live Energy Pricing

We are introducing Live Energy Pricing to help you make informed decisions on fluctuating energy costs based on real-time pricing. We have seen (along with many of our users) the Global Adjustment costs have typically an inverse relationship with Live Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP).HOEP and 5-Minute Clearing Price (MCP) are now visible on the portal, and your facility’s consumption cost is automatically calculated throughout the day. IESO projected pricing will also be visible for comparison.

Already live on the Portal

pTrack – Double Peak Prediction

Additionally, we are introducing Double Peak Prediction Strategy for Rebound Peaks. The purpose of this is to avoid extended peak window calls. Our AI model is now prepared for prepare for potential energy demand spikes during extreme weather events, such as thunderstorms, by making more than 1 call when necessary.

pTrack – Optional Curtailment Window

There are times when the long curtailment windows of 4 hour just isn’t compatible with operations, so we’re giving you the option to have a lower curtailment window to match your needs. We recognize the curtailing has different challenges has different facilities, and some facilities may be able to handle a lower level of certainty to minimize the curtailment hours. pTrack now offers the option to select and maintain 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour curtailment windows.

  • 1 hour has a degree of certainty of 60% of hitting all 5 peaks
  • 2 hour has a degree of certainty of 86% of hitting all 5 peaks
  • 3 hour has a degree of certainty of 94% of hitting all 5 peaks
  • 4 hour has a degree of certainty of 100% of hitting all 5 peaks

dataTrack – Live Cost

Similar to pTrack, the dataTrack Energy Monitoring views can now show you data on how much your hourly consumption costs per device. You’ll never have to guess how much your machines cost to operate again. Heatmaps are available for you to check and compare daily or weekly consumption costs at a glance.

dataTrack – Tank Sensors and Vibration Sensors

As dataTrack continues to scale, we are also introducing two new sensors into the system. Tank Level Sensors and Vibration Sensors will provide further visibility into energy usage and equipment health. These sensors will be available for the second quarter of this year and be readily installed in minutes. Smart alarms will notify you when gas tanks need refills or when motors are running outside normal parameters.

Upcoming Features – with more to come

We are also excited to inform you that we are working on other projects in the pipeline that will further enhance our Portal. These upcoming features include:

  • Customizable Reports – for all your data reporting needs.
  • Enhanced Smart Alarms – More AI-powered features to help you get ahead of problems.
  • Axial Vibration Sensors – Three-dimensional in-depth view of machine health.
  • API to Modbus Converter – Local network data collection (Wireless LTE data is still available).

We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on the new and upcoming features. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.

Important Upcoming Dates – For Ontario’s ICI and Capacity Auction Programs

Peak season is coming up, and we’re for more Peaks and Demand Response activations, here are some dates to keep in mind.

  • May 1 – ICI Base Period Begins
  • May 1st – Ontario Capacity Auction Obligation Period Begins
  • June 15th– Deadline for eligible customers to opt-in/opt-out of the ICI Program
  • July 1st ICI Adjustment period Begins

To help our users with the upcoming changes to the Capacity Auction program, we are hosting a webinar to update you on all you need to know for the 2023 auctions. We’ll make sure to cover topics such as IESO’s Background on what’s changing, baseline calculations and reduction calculations methodologies, curtailment days, and many more. Be sure to sign up if you’re interested. We’ll cover topics such as

  • How do availability payment and activation payments work?
  • IESO’s Background and What’s Changing
  • Why the IESO Needs to Depend on Capacity Auction
  • Non-performance Penalties and Changes Proposed
  • Baseline calculation and Reduction Calculation methodology
  • Good Curtailments vs Bad Curtailments
  • What to do Before, During, and After Curtailment days – Standbys, Test Events, and Curtailment Notices
  • Important Upcoming Dates and much more

Hope to see everyone there!

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