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Navigating Monthly Peaks: A Guide for Large Energy Consumers in Ontario

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Being a large energy consumer in Ontario comes with its own challenges, especially when managing monthly peaks in electricity consumption. In a previous blog, we discussed the significance of various peak programs, including Coincident Peaks for the ICI Program. Today, we focus on monthly peak programs and understanding how they can impact your electricity bill.

Understanding Monthly Peaks

A typical industrial facility experiences fluctuating energy consumption throughout the day, with peaks and troughs in usage. When zooming out monthly, it becomes evident that certain periods witness significantly higher peaks than others. These peaks, often lasting only a few minutes, can contribute to 5 to 10 percent of your monthly electricity bill.

Identifying the Cause of Peaks

Zooming in on a specific day, you may notice a sudden spike in consumption. This could be attributed to various factors, such as the startup of a motor, a shift change, or a production-related event. Identifying the cause of these peaks is crucial for effective energy management.

Introducing Edgecom Energy’s dataTrack™ Solution

Edgecom Energy offers a solution to tackle these challenges through their dataTrack™ solution. By monitoring your production in real-time, this innovative tool allows you to receive alarms and alerts and fully monitor your energy consumption. The goal is to prevent peaks from occurring, ensuring potential savings of 5 to 10 percent on your monthly electricity bill.

Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum Savings

The key to navigating monthly peak programs lies in real-time monitoring. With Edgecom Energy’s dataTrack™ solution, you can stay informed about your energy consumption patterns as they happen. You can unlock significant savings opportunities by addressing issues promptly and preventing unnecessary peaks. Contact us to learn more.

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