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A Guide to Effective Participation in Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Initiative Program

Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Program presents businesses with a significant opportunity to contribute to energy sustainability while benefiting from potential cost savings. However, effective participation requires careful planning and strategic implementation. In this blog, we’ll explore key strategies to optimize your involvement in the program and maximize its impact.

Utilize AI Peak Prediction Software

One of the primary challenges in the Industrial Conservation Program is accurately predicting coincident peak demand hours. Curtailing energy consumption during these peak periods is crucial, but it can be difficult to anticipate when they will occur. Excessive curtailing often results, leading to potential inefficiencies.

AI coincident peak prediction software offers a solution to this problem. These tools can accurately forecast peak hours, leveraging advanced algorithms and historical data. Businesses can use such software to significantly reduce the curtailments needed while effectively hitting the top five annual coincident peak demand hours.

Minimize Curtailment Window Times

Reducing the curtailment window times is essential for minimizing disruptions to regular operations while meeting program requirements. Traditional approaches often involve prolonged curtailment periods to ensure coverage during potential peak hours. However, this approach can be inefficient and inconvenient.

AI coincident peak prediction software provides alerts before a predicted peak event, allowing businesses to narrow down the curtailment window to the precise timeframe when the peak is expected to occur. This means spending less time in curtailment mode while effectively managing energy consumption during critical periods.

Monitor Curtailment Events in Real-Time

Real-time monitoring of curtailment events against grid activity is crucial for ensuring compliance and maximizing effectiveness. Businesses must see their energy usage patterns and how they align with grid demands.

Peak prediction software typically includes a dashboard that displays real-time data on curtailment events and grid activity. This allows businesses to track their performance and adjust as needed to optimize their energy conservation efforts.

Utilize Sub-Metering Devices for Verification

Consistency in curtailment efforts must be verified to maintain program integrity and ensure that energy savings are accurately reported. Sub-metering devices offer a valuable tool for monitoring energy usage at a granular level, providing per-event reporting to validate curtailment efforts.

By integrating sub-metering devices with cloud-based dashboards, businesses can access detailed insights into their energy consumption patterns and verify the effectiveness of their curtailment strategies.

In conclusion, effective participation in Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Program requires a strategic approach and the utilization of advanced technologies. By leveraging AI coincident peak prediction software, such as pTrack®, minimizing curtailment window times, monitoring events in real-time, and verifying submetering devices, businesses can maximize their impact on energy conservation while optimizing operational efficiency. Embracing these strategies will benefit the environment and contribute to long-term cost savings and sustainability goals.

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