Get Paid to Support the Grid

Demand Response

Why give away any of the profits from your curtailment efforts? Let us aggregate for you and reap in ~$60,000/MW/Year.

We’ll ensure you increase your Demand Response revenue and simplify your participation in the Capacity Auction Program. 

Maximize Your Payout

Demand Response reduces peak demand, ensuring grid reliability and preventing blackouts while reducing emissions. The program offers biannual cash payments, boosting your bottom line with reliable income. Furthermore, participating requires no upfront costs. Any revenue from the program is shared between you and us.

Green Profits

No Charge Curtailment Plan

We’ll tailor make your curtailment plan to maximize your revenue streams. You’ll never pay out of pocket to participate in Demand Response with us.

Worry Free

One of the most aggregators approved by the IESO. We guarantee the best percentage share of revenue in Ontario for the Capacity Auction program.

Highest Payment

No more legacy meters and constant recalibration. We include a LoRa HUB to enable downstream energy monitoring down to the individual asset level.

Energy Monitoring

Edgecom takes care of all the paperwork and daily bidding so you don’t have to. Our peak prediction systems notifies you if an activation call is likely .


What Customers Are Saying

The DR programs are a great new source of revenue. They help us manage operating costs while improving sustainability. Edgecom Energy’s platform makes it easy to see how were performing in real time and tweak our operations to maximize our savings and impact. DR is a win-win for budgets and for the environment.
Verena Matsugu
General Manager, Promenade Mall

Can I Participate in Demand Response?

If you’re able to curtail at least 100kW during an event, you can participate!

It’s that simple! Even if you’re unsure if you can curtail, Our experience and expertise will allow us to help you identify and quantify curtailment opportunities. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

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