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Transforming Energy Management: Harnessing AI, GPT Models, and Efficiency Enhancement

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What's Included:


Exploring the Impact of AI on Energy Management:

Discover the transformative influence of AI on the roles of Energy and Facility Managers.

Unveiling the Mechanics:

Dive into the integration of GPT Models into our CoPilot system and gain proficiency in leveraging it for unprecedented insights.

Ensuring Privacy and Security:

Addressing the crucial query, “Does the AI CoPilot pose any security risks to your data?”

Insights from the Pros:

Gain valuable insights from industry luminary Mehdi Parvizi, CTO of Edgecom Energy, on how GPT Models are poised to revolutionize Energy Management.

Engage in Live Q&A:

Get in-depth answers to your pressing questions from our panel of energy and AI experts.


Mehdi Parvizi

Mehdi Parvizi

CTO, Edgecom Energy

Courtney Conway

Courtney Conway

Customer Integration Manager, Edgecom Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the CoPilot be available

The CoPilot will be rolled out in phases beginning Jan 2024.

In which states/regions/ISO's does this work?

Everywhere in North America. Right now our solutions are primarily geared for Ontario and Alberta and will provide more powerful insights there. But the generic data is useful everywhere in North America. 

Will the CoPilot help me reduce emissions?

Yes! And it will be able to quantify what those Scope II emission reductions are.

Will the CoPilot help me reduce energy costs?

Of course. Managing peak management programs, and finding faults, issues and devices that are left on will yielf significant savings. Read this DOE report to learn more.

Is this vaporware?


Is there a free trial of the CoPilot?

There will be a trial version coming out soon.

What is the CoPilot able to do?

The first version will be able to provide energy insights about specific equipment, like if devices were left on overnight, if certain pieces of equipment are using abnormally large volumes of energy. It will also be able to pull out historical trends like weekly, monthly or annual energy consumption. 

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