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Network Operations Centre for DER Management

Edgecom's NOC enables secure and reliable DER asset management powered by Blockchain technology.

Optimize your DER securely and reliably

Edgecom Energy’s NOC seamlessly integrates into your Distributed Energy Resource (DER) operations and connects your facilities’ various energy assets to our energy portal.

The system maximizes the savings and income from your DER using Edgecom Energy’s industry leading coincident peak and price prediction engines. Our security infrastructure and redundant connectivity ensures the highest level of security.

Utilizing our blockchain-based, Internet of Things platform, Edgecom’s NOC has been designed and built from the ground up to control Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and building management systems.

2+2 network redundancy, combined with the highest level ofNOC security standards ensures that your assets are beingcontrolled with the highest degree of reliability and security.

Download the full case study here.

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