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Energy Bundle

Acquire all the essentials to revolutionize your operations and decrease your energy expenses and emissions in Ontario. The Energy Bundle provides you 100% Demand Response payments, access to our AI Peak Prediction Software, pTrack®; our Real-Time energy monitoring solution, dataTrack™; and the revolutionary AI Energy CoPilot.

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Maximize ROI With Our Energy Bundle

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2% Energy Savings Guarantee

We’ll help you lower your energy costs by 2% or you won’t be billed.

100% Demand Response

We’ll give you 100% of your demand response payout.

AI Energy CoPilot Access

Get access to the future of energy management and transform into a smart facility.


Unlock Unrivaled Value with our All-In-One Online platform

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The most accurate coincident peak predictions with real-time energy price predictions, powered by AI-algorithms to ensure you will never miss a peak event.

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Real-time insights narrow down opportunities for improvement, pinpoint efficiency issues, and promote a data-backed work culture. 

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AI Energy CoPilot

Proactive, Intelligent Insights with the AI Energy CoPilot. Ask the Energy CoPilot questions, get answers, and custom recommendations.


Customized for You Based on Commited MW

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Loved by Our Customers

Taylor Stanley

Taylor Stanley

Impact Strategy Manager

The partnership we found with Edgecom and the solution we found with pTrack® was exactly what we were looking for.

Jake Neufeld

Jake Neufeld


Edgecom has been accurate right from the start. It gave us great comfort being able to see on the dashboard these projected peaks coming in.

Brandon Hastie

Brandon Hastie

Industrial Engineer

The amount of savings that we've had this year, we're on track to over $100,000 to $120,000 in energy savings this year.

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